When and why should I decide to have reconstructive surgery?

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Breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as mastectomy surgery (immediate reconstruction) or after mastectomy surgery (delayed reconstruction). There are pros and cons associated with having immediate vs. delayed reconstruction. However, the most important thing is that you should be told of your options for breast reconstruction before you make your decision about mastectomy so that you can begin your informed decision-making process as far in advance as possible. Think about your preferences, ask questions and remember that decision to have reconstructive surgery is about you and you only.

Keep in mind when making your decision:

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy after surgery can alter the look and shape of reconstructed breasts

Reconstruction is always immediate in the case of mastectomies done preventatively to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Reconstructive surgery is not necessary, but can aid in making you feel your best

If you’re unsure when to begin the decision-making process, our team is happy to help you make an informed, confident decision